about the beta

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Technology Beta for Windows is a reward for our backer community that shows a glimpse of the development progress. The Beta includes a small part of the main storyline, multiple quests, combat systems and weaponry, along with the first skirmish.

Introduction to an epic story

The game is set in 15th century, the Kingdom of Bohemia is on the verge of civil war. You play as Henry, the son of blacksmith. Your hometown was raided and your family was murdered. Driven by a lust for vengeance you go out on an epic journey. The local lord entrusts you with identifying the culprits behind the massacres plaguing the region. You will need to use all your skills of persuasion and intimidation to extract valuable information from bandits but you are not the only one who is after the raiders. A mysterious killer is slaughtering all witnesses in the most vicious way. In order to bring end to the bloodshed you must act fast.

First taste of battle

The Technology Beta includes the game's first taste of battle. The outcome of the battle depends entirely on your choice of actions. You will have the opportunity to plan the strategy of the attack. You will be able to disguise yourself as one of the enemy in order to infiltrate their camp and discover their weaknesses but using alchemy and preparing poisons are also valid option. Also sneaking around and performing a few stealth takedowns on the sentries might be very helpful when staging a surprise attack.

Selection of weaponry and combos

You will experience sword fighting in a way which matches the reality of medieval combat. The Technology Beta includes special combat techniques, stances, moves and combos that can be mastered fighting with enemies or honed in the combat arena. Learn how to slash or stab your opponent, block his attack, master parrying, perform ripostes and counter ripostes. Try the variety of weaponry such as short swords, maces, axes, and shields.


Language support

The Technology Beta version is available with English voice-overs with subtitles in German, French, Czech, Polish, Russian and simplified Chinese.

How can I play Beta?

The Beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is accessible through our custom made installer. If you would like to try the Technology Beta, you can gain access on your Profile page (after purchasing the game).

Share your thoughts!

We are working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance very hard and we are eager to hear your feedback! If you would like to share an opinion, you are most welcome to do so in our forums or directly by email. Bugs should be reported by this form: support.kingdomcomerpg.com.


Please bear in mind that the playable version is still in development; bugs, glitches and some technical issues may occur. Remember that this Technology Beta was released on March 2016 and it doesn’t represent the current status of the game! Thank you for your support and understanding.

Get the Game

To access the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Technology Beta version, please visit Get the Game section!