about the beta

Please bear in mind that the game is a Beta version: bugs, glitches and some technical issues may occur! Thank you for support and understanding!

Main Beta Features

  • First introduction to the epic story of Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Several new fully-fledged quests with multiple solutions
  • First important historical battle
  • New engaging interactions with NPC’s
  • Expanded stealth system - visibility, takedowns, poisoning, sabotage and disguises
  • More weapon choices: short sword, long sword, shield, axes and maces
  • Huge enlargement of the map compared to Alpha release
  • New villages, castles and deep forests
  • New dynamic weather system
  • First motion-captured cut-scenes
  • Introduction of crime system and lock picking
  • New sword-fighting techniques

To access the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta version, please visit Get the Game section!

Language support

The Beta version offers English voice-overs with subtitles in German, French, Czech, Polish, Russian and Chinese languages.

How can I play Beta?

The Beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is accessible through our custom made installer. If you are an eligible Kickstarter backer, then you already received a code to download the game on Steam, or you can gain Beta Access on your Profile page.

Share your thoughts!

We worked on Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Access very hard and we are eager to hear your feedback! If you would like to share an opinion about Beta gameplay, you are most welcome to do so in our forums or directly by email. Bugs can be reported by this form: support.kingdomcomerpg.com.


Please bear in mind that the game is a Beta version: bugs, glitches and some technical issues may occur! Thank you for your support and understanding.

Beta Minimum Requirements

CPU Quadcore CPU
GPU Direct X 11 capable GPU
WIN Windows 7 x64