Backer Rewards

Kingdom Come: Deliverance would not have been developed without the support of the community. As promised, we’ve delivered selected rewards that are in the process of development, such as the Tech Alpha/Beta versions. Some rewards have yet to be delivered. If you are a backer and you don’t have a profile yet, please register here, and fill out the form so we can deliver the bonuses once the game is released. Thank you for your support!

Full Game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released February 13th, 2018. You will get a complete game with dozens of hours of gameplay in the precisely reconstructed medieval landscape of Bohemia, which includes several villages, castles, a walled monastery and beautiful forests. You will enjoy a realistic open world, non-linear story and realistic first person combat.

The full game will be available on Steam with English, French and German voice overs and Czech, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese subtitles. Details about console language versions will follow soon.

We’ll include the pre-order bonuses to all tiers to show our gratitude to the backers!

Technology Beta

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Technology Beta for Windows was released as a reward for our community to show a glimpse of the development progress. The Beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is still accessible through our custom-made installer for current backers. Remember that the Beta was released March 2016 and it doesn’t represent the status of the game anymore!

In-game Rewards

In-game rewards for high tier backers, such as an in-game name, picture or statue were already implemented in the game. In case you missed the window for uploading your photos, please contact us by email.


Digital Rewards

We plan to release all digital rewards with the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We plan to add a Steam code to your profile. Other digital bonuses may be delivered with our tailor-made downloader, but this has yet to be confirmed. In any case, the instructions for downloading the digital rewards will be stored in your profile even after release of the game.

Physical Rewards

Some of the physical rewards are already in production and we will inform you about the distribution progress through our official forum and social networks. We still need to confirm all the options, so please be patient until we update your profiles. In the meantime, please fill out your real name, address, and phone number so we are able to prepare the distribution partners.

Delivery Window

We plan to distribute the rewards in the first weeks after the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We will deliver the Steam codes in your profiles first and then distribute the collector’s edition and swords separately (not necessary in this order). We can’t guarantee smooth delivery if you don’t fill out your profiles before the end of 2017. Please do not send us addresses or any other details by email, so be sure to fill out the profile.

What is missing?

When we first dreamt of this project, we had a basic demo and a lot of ideas to implement into to the game. Unfortunately, some of the ideas were too complex to be fully implemented to the game on time. What is missing and why, was explained in Video Update #16: Blood, toil, tears and sweat. We are aware of the commitment, and we plan to implement the missing features after the release of the game. Thank you for understanding!


If you have troubles to register or sign in, or your tier is missing or you lost access to your profile, please contact us.