Experience our unique combat system which is new and exclusive to the gaming market. We present real historical European sword-fighting. We have been working with experienced swordfighters, who helped us with the animations in our MoCap Studio. Together we have decoded the medieval sword-fighting techniques that can be mastered in-game.

You need time to understand and learn the patterns; you can’t rush into battle and win so easily! You can specialize in different fighting styles and choose various weapons: swords, axes, maces and many more! Before entering fights, don’t forget to armor yourself with the proper kit.

Mistakes are deadly!

Band of Bastards

Making of Kingdom Come


Amorous Adventures

Epic Music Award

From the Ashes

Sounds of the Ages



From The Ashes

In Nomine Patris

A Blacksmith's Tale

Of Minds, Blades & Schnapps

Great Haste Makes Great Waste

The Good, the Bad and the Sneaky